Drive-in church – Sunday 7th June

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Drive-in promo shot

Join us for church done differently this Sunday 7th June at 11am – we will gather at our church’s home base (24 Fern St) and remain in our cars as we watch the service live from a temporary stage on the front steps of the stone sanctuary & listen in via our car’s radio – BYO Fantales & Jaffas! If you have any questions please call Rev. Peter Chapman on 4234 1044 or – we look forward to seeing you there!

The Ministry of Reconciliation (online worship 31/5/20)

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Being both Pentecost and Reconciliation Week, our online worship this Sunday explores our call to the ‘ministry of Reconciliation’ that Paul describes for us in 2 Corinthians 5.

For those keen know more, in his message this week Pete references some reading he’s been doing on Australian history – these are the wonderfully humorous (yet informative) Girt and True Girt by David Hunt (you can borrow them if you ask nicely – or even if you don’t), and a balanced, honest & compassionate online Quillette article by Australian lawyer and historian, Adam Wakeling.

Online worship – Sunday 24th May

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This week’s online worship begins a new series on the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, Jesus most famous message. Today Swanny will challenge us to not lose our saltiness, and we say farewell to Peter & Carolyn Campbell who are heading north to begin a new chapter in their ministry.

‘Here be Dragons’- Online worship 17/5/20

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Recording from our brand new ‘Home base for Mission’ for the first time ever, as well as on location around Gerringong, our worship today is titled ‘Here be dragons’. Drawing on the famous story of Jesus calming the storm, and Max Lucado’s wonderful book, ‘Fearless’, Rev. Peter Chapman today addresses the fear that is currently strangling our nation and our world, and suggests a pathway to live free of fear for good!

New Home Base for Mission: OPEN DAYS!!

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Dear precious church family,

Like the wandering Israelites finally taking possession of the promised land, it is with great joy that I can announce that we are ready to unveil our new ‘Home base for mission’!!

Sadly we are unable to gather as we had originally hoped in a large-scale worship and celebration event to mark the opening. In its place, we are offering members of our church family the opportunity for a guided tour of the new facilities this weekend (Sat & Sun 16th & 17th) from 1-4pm.

In the interests of public safety, we are asking members with surnames beginning with A-K to visit on Saturday, and L-Z on Sunday.

Your friendly tour guides, Helen Harrison and Peter & Di Moxey will be on hand to walk you though the premises in groups of no more than 4-5 people (observing physical distancing), and answer any of your questions.

We are technically considered to be a workplace, and are thereby allowed to have up to 10 people on the premises at a time. However we obviously wish to model best practice for our community, so if you pull into the driveway and you see more than a few cars already parked, can I please ask you come back at a later time in the afternoon.

If these times do not suit you, we can organise a private tour at your leisure.

I am aware that some of our folk do not have email or a social media presence, so please pass this news on to any members of our church that you know that fall into that category.

Yours in a land flowing with milk and honey,

Rev. Peter Chapman.

Mothers’ Day online worship

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See below our online worship service for Mothers’ Day (May 10). Today, Andrew Dalley concludes his mini-series drawing on John 3:16 and the world of science as a rational basis for a Christian worldview. Being Mothers’ Day, we also hear some of the mums in our church who share some of their stories and advice.

Online worship – Sunday 3rd May

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See below our online worship service for Sunday 3rd May – ‘Life, the Universe, and Nothing’. In this first part of a two-week series, Andrew Dalley uses the world of physics as a means of understanding the profound nature of John 3:16.

GiG & BiG term 2!

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As GiG & BiG aren’t currently able to come together due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We have changed the way GiG & BiG will run for term 2! There will be weekly challenges posted on the Gerringong Uniting Church YouTube channel and on the ‘BiG & GiG’ Facebook page. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel or like the Facebook page, so that you don’t miss out on all the fun!

Devotion 29/04

Q1) What do you think the word “bless” means? Q2) How does it feel when someone does something nice for you? Q3) How does it feel when you do something nice for someone else? The Bible is full of verses that talk about how we should seek to help others. Many others through history have found this to be true. As humans we are happiest when we are serving and blessing others. During this time when we aren’t able to connect with others, it can be easy to focus on ourselves and what we do or don’t have. Today’s challenge is designed to help us bless someone else, which is what God says we should and will help make us happier ourselves. Prayer: God, thanks for that you have made us to get joy from blessing others. Help us not to focus on what we have or don’t have and not to be people who keep all our good things to ourself. Help us to bless and serve others. Amen


Sunday service 26th April, 2020

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This Sunday we will hear from Pete Berry on the topic of “What’s the purpose of the church?”.


Special thanks to all who contributed to the service:
Matt Philpott
Jack Philpott
Emily Evans
Kye Furlong
Fiona Sampson
Gavy and Cameron Culey
Carol Culey (for the flowers)
Helen Harrison
Leonie Stewart
Ray McIlwraith
Paul Dopper


Sunday service 19/04

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This Sunday we continue on with a passage that comes immediately after the Easter account from John 20:24-29. I’ve called the service ‘Believing Thomas’, because Thomas moves through his doubts and into a deeper, richer belief. A printable copy of the service outline and sermon is available here: Believing Thomas service

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